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An agent can make a call to a third-party while he/she is on another phone call with a client in the agent screen and they can all conference together with the client the agent was talking to.

This call to a third-party can be made with the current client live on the line or on hold.

You can separately record the three-way call, and the recording will keep running even if the agent decides to leave the call. In certain circumstances, you can set up the client’s phone number as the Outgoing Caller ID for these three-way calls. If you want, you can route out three-way calls via a different carrier from other outgoing calls. In case the client hangs up on the three-way call while the agent is still on, the call session of the three-way call cane be ended and logged automatically.

If you need further information on how the agent screen three-way calling works, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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