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We are an exclusive VoIP wholesaler that delivers top of the line global voice origination services in combination with the leading worldwide coverage of local, nationwide, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers. We always have virtual numbers in our stock at the ready for activation and the activation could even be instant through the API or when you use our web portal. Below is a list of tangible reasons why you should buy virtual numbers from us:

  • Delivery the widest coverage of local, mobile, nationwide and toll-free virtual numbers. Presently, we cover 2010 area codes in 68 countries globally
  • We guarantee a large virtual number inventory in every single area code and country that is within our coverage.
  • In every country that we carry out our VoIP reseller operations, we are either licensed as a telecom operator or we have a direct partnership with a licensed operator.
  • The flexibility on capacity options that we provide simultaneously enhance optimal call efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your voice services. We deliver both metered and flat-rate channels that flawlessly suit your incoming call patterns.
  • Vast knowledge and experience in telecommunications, carrier relations and international regulations.
  • As a leading VoIP wholesaler, we have a private global network designed to provide seamless support to billions of minutes every day with complete geo-redundancy capabilities, computerized quality, misuse observation and intricate reporting and routing systems. All these are fully backed by a dedicated Customer Support and Network Operations, in service 24/7, all year round.
  • More than 1,000 telecom corporations globally depend on the efficiency of our services and they include Tier 1 carriers, ITSP, Mobile, ILD, Call Center, Conference and Calling Card operators.


The conventional telephony infrastructure combined with our greatly efficient cloud technology give you an excellent opportunity to direct and control the calls that are made to your toll-free numbers through our user-friendly online tools. For instance:

  1. Inbound calls to toll-free Numbers can be redirected to your own network through TDM or VoIP, via a direct peering or the public internet. Moreover, incoming calls to your virtual Toll-Free Numbers can easily be directed to mobile phones or landlines in any particular part of the world at affordable per minute rates.
  2. With our advanced cloud technology incorporated into the phone systems, toll-free numbers can be used with full PBX features which include; voice mail, voice menus, call recording, call conferencing and call centers. Outgoing calls from the toll-free number are available with the use of any softphone, SIP-based IP phone or our exclusive mobile app.


Phone calls have become vital sales drivers mainly since they are the most essential means of interaction between a business and its customers. Nationwide and multinational toll-free numbers are key business assets since they provide a convenient and cost-free method of communication between customers and business in technical support, customer service and sales.

Furthermore, the toll-free numbers have undergone an evolution in the world of today to serve the function of a critically strategic platform of branded interactions trust and consistent connection between businesses and customers. This has led to the improvement in the approval ratings for even the smallest of organizations. Apart from that, incoming calls to toll-free numbers that are utilized in marketing and branding among other campaigns are easy to track. This allows businesses to collect vital marketing facts and figures which aid in the attainment of insight into their visibility, call volumes, customer base, patterns and trends.


Selection of a VoIP reseller and an international toll-free service is a very important business decision to make. We provide toll-free numbers in 56 countries and our vast coverage is always growing wider.
We deliver reliable and exceptionally efficient voice services via a private and secure high-tech global pillar with full geo-redundant abilities. This system is further complemented a Network Operations team and a dedicated Customer Support Centre that is in operation 24/7, all year round.

We also provide direct interconnection and peering through TDM or VoIP. This gives our customers a unique ability to regulate call termination option and incoming calls delivery which leads to the finest quality of management, security and the performance of end-to-end voice services.

As a prominent VoIP reseller of mobile, local, national DID and toll-free numbers, we have an upper hand in the provision of superior quality and ground-breaking incoming global voice services and at the same time provide our clientele with superior value in our services.

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