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Xinix VoIP PBX Version 41

Xinix releases new version of their PBX system;
New release version includes;
1. Text to Speech
2. Sites
3. Fax2Email
4. Single sign in
5. MFA (Multi factor authentication)
6. Emoji and reworked organisation panel
7. Group Chat
8. MMS
9. Add multiple agents
10. Meeting


XINIX World Service Presentation

Download our Power Point Presentation and discover the VoIP services XINIX World has to offer.


Xinix Multi Tenant Switch

The Multi-Tenant edition of activeSWITCH is a voipswitch with multi- tenancy architecture supporting many tenants with multiple levels of administration providing different permissions.


sipdesk Communicator

A powerful desktop and mobile app Unified Communications application specifically designed to take your business communications to a whole new level by tightly integrating with activeSWITCH, our VoIP Telephony Platform.