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Start promoting your business with SMS marketing today. Easy online platform with experts on hand to assist if needs be. Get the most out of your bulk SMS marketing campaigns with personal tuition and support from our specialist team of SMS marketing experts.

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  • 89% of people read sms ads in the first minute after receiving
  • Contact with the customer via SMS is several times cheaper than contact via other channels
  • 20% + of promotional codes and discounts sent by Xinix are activated


A keyword is an easy way for customers to interact with your brand.

Long Codes

Receive instant replies from your customers. Add your own auto-reply message.

Build a List

Easily segment your data with unlimited groups.

User Guide

We have a full user guide online to get you started immediately.

Bulk SMS Marketing Online Portal

Manage your bulk SMS marketing campaigns online. Create campaigns, schedule for month, date, time. Send thousands of messages with guaranteed delivery.

  • Dashboard
  • Segments
  • Messages
  • SMS Campaign
  • Voice Campaign

Provides a quick overview of how your campaigns are doing.


Highly effective marketing with segmented groups. Split your customer list into different groups and send them exactly the right message based on their individual interests.


Manage your messages and create new ones. Track the effectiveness of each campaign.

SMS Campaign
SMS Campaign

Create engaging campaigns using SMS and app notifications. Target customers using a wide range of options.

Voice Campaign
Voice Campaign

Comprehensive text-to-speech functionality. Upload your files and deliver voice messages to your target customers.

Online Text Sending

Easily send text messages, mailmerge, schedule & attach tickets, documents & forms.

Receive Text Messages

Get replies to your text messages, or receive messages straight from your customers.

Email to SMS

Use your preferred email software to easily & reliably send text messages to anyone.


Our simple API allows software and web developers to integrate any application.


Competitors Price Comparison Table for UK

ProviderPriceWe save youFree reply numberFree keyword
Xinix3.5 p38 %YesYes
2 SMS8 p62 %NoNo
AQL8 p62 %NoNo
Boom SMS8 p62 %NoNo
Bulk SMS5.54 p43 %YesNo
Clickatell8.4 p64 %YesNo
Mediaburst5 p40 %NoYes
Text Anywhere6.4 p53 %YesNo
TextLocal4.9 p39 %NoYes
Text Magic4.8 p37 %YesNo

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