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Switching over millions of ISDN users is a huge undertaking, hence BT has given consumers until 2025 to select an alternative. Around 40% of UK companies have already made the switch, saving money and upgrading their software in the process. If you aren’t one of them, perhaps you should be. BT presented Integrated Services Digital … Read more

Upcoming Hosted IP Telephony Trends in the Next Decade

It is extremely difficult to tell how technology will evolve. Most times, what we anticipate will happen, rarely happens. Media establishments are falling over themselves trying to be the first to correctly predict how hosted IP telephony services will look like in the next decade. Institutions and agencies mandated to ensure that standards are adhered … Read more

The Role of Patents in Voice over Internet Service

Business voice over internet service has come a long way. Who could have imagined that one day the world would be enjoying the internet speeds we currently have? And since 5G will soon be realized, there’s a promise of things getting much better. In essence, innovations are the driving force behind the great technological advancements … Read more

Work With a Hosted IP Telephony Provider to Eliminate System Upgrade Costs

Not long ago, any hosted IP telephony service provider struggled to convince businesses to transition from PSTN to VoIP. VoIP technology itself experienced several challenges like voice quality at its inception. All the challenges were addressed and as a result. VoIP swept through the telecommunication industry. Currently, all observers are in agreement that it is … Read more

How a Hosted IP Telephony Service Provider Keeps Virtual Teams in Touch

The working culture in business premises has greatly changed over the years thanks to the adaptation of hosted IP telephony systems in the workplace. Some years back, many organizations had a similar style of working. It did not matter the type of industry or work that an organization was engaged in. Team members had to … Read more

How Enterprise SIP Improves Customer Experience

To date, we have already covered plenty on the benefits of VoIP to businesses. Thanks to this technology, organizations no longer invest in or rely on any infrastructure. Instead, they depend on their service provider’s infrastructure. It is also worth noting that it is very easy to switch from PSTN to VoIP using hosted VoIP … Read more

How to Purchase Bulk SMS Marketing Software Services

By now, you must already know how crucial bulk SMS marketing is for mobile marketing. This form of marketing has been proven for cutting down on costs, saving time and reaching out to as many clients and potential customers as possible. Wondering about how you can purchase bulk SMS marketing software services? Well, you’re going … Read more

Working Remotely with SIP Technology

Most companies want to hire the very best in the industry. But then, it’s very hard to get skilled talent when your scope of sourcing talent is limited with your geographical location. Furthermore, once you land highly qualified professions for a particular task, retaining them is usually extremely hard. This is because most highly qualified … Read more

How to Deal With Disasters on Business Voice over Internet Services

Most organizations have put in place measures to protect both their staff and properties from calamities like fire outbreaks and other natural calamities. If you use business voice over internet services in your company, disaster recovery protocols should also be put in place for your VoIP systems. For most organizations using voice over internet services, … Read more

VoIP Reseller and End-User Risk Management

Whether you are a VoIP reseller or your business uses Hosted VoIP services, there are plenty of risks that could come your way. To ensure that your organization runs smoothly in spite of the associated risks, you have to have a risk management strategy. Basically, management of risk is the process of diagnosing dangers to … Read more

Using Hosted IP Telephony Services On the Go

Hosted IP telephony service providers have made communication simple, easy and sweet. Yes, sweet! Have you ever imagined the costs you would otherwise have incurred communicating with clients while abroad? You can now make that business trip abroad without worrying about communicating with clients. You can equally spend quality time with your family from anywhere … Read more

How Hosted IP Telephony Gives your Business an Edge

If you are here, there is a high chance that you are using or you are considering using VoIP technology for your company. Hosted IP telephony service providers offer products and services that are beneficial to your business as you might have already found out. Above all other benefits, the low cost of using hosted … Read more

Bulk SMS Marketing Software for SMEs

Businesses have come up with a way of riding the stormy waves of high costs related to communication and marketing. VoIP technology and bulk SMS marketing software solutions are changing the way businesses operate. They are significantly driving down the operation costs. Bulk SMS is a form of marketing channel where companies send a similar … Read more

Benefits of Using Virtual LANS for Voice over Internet Services

Many businesses have been rolling out voice over internet services in place of PSTN over the years. That is not to mean that the PSTN has not been serving the businesses well. However, the switch has been necessitated by the numerous benefits voice over internet services come with. When voice over internet services first hit … Read more

Expenses You Will Incur From Your SIP Technology Service Provider

One of the main benefits of using SIP technology is the fact that the cost of communication is significantly less than PSTN. Despite the huge difference in price, the pricing range of providers will vary. To get the most out of this service, pay attention to the methods below of determining the costs you will … Read more

Benefits of Multiple VoIP Data Centers for SIP Technology

It goes without saying that the SIP is fast changing the telecommunication industry. If you haven’t joined the shift, then you should. Some of the key SIP technology considerations you should bear in mind include: The Choice Between Hosted IP Telephony Services and SIP Technology With the coming of VoIP, businesses have the choice of … Read more

Transition to Enterprise VoIP: Can it Be Done at a Go?

Change comes with many uncertainties. Majorly, individuals are normally concerned on whether the change effected will have the intended impact or if it will fail. It is very crucial that as you transit to enterpriseVoIP, you do it in the right way. It is no secret that enterprise VoIP has many advantages to your business. … Read more

Safeguarding Your VoIP Internet Phone Service From Infiltration

There is no doubt that VoIP internet phone service is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. It is rewriting most rules in the telecommunication playbook. Cheaper calls, a single network plan for both data and voice, ability to customize the features to suit your specific business and scalability, just but to mention a few, are some … Read more

White Label SP vs Building a New Comms System.

Having a proper and efficient communication channel between a business organization and its client will contribute to its success or failure. Getting that ideal communication solution is proving to be a headache for many businesses irrespective of their size. It is however much easier and convenient to seek the services of a white label provider … Read more

How SIP Phone Systems Will Boost Your Business

Many small businesses are joining the VoIP craze mostly because of the lower phone charges. Through Session Initiation Protocol phone trunking, you are able to extend your phone systems into the cloud. But is that the only benefit that your business can derive from VoIP solutions like SIP phone systems? Have a read below of … Read more

How to Identify the Best Secure SIP Provider

Many businesses are shifting to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for their phone systems. However, choosing the right secure SIP provider has become a challenge. Service providers will not always provide similar services. Their services might vary. Therefore, selection of the correct service providers will help business owners reap the maximum benefits of using SIP. … Read more

Potential Problems For Hosted VoIP Re-sellers

VoIP has already shaken up the telecommunication industry. It is still causing major ripples in the industry and it doesn’t seem as though it will run out of steam any time soon. The resale of hosted VoIP services is turning around businesses. Hosted VoIP resale businesses are making huge gains while incurring very minimal costs. … Read more

The Looming Shift from ISDN and PSTN to Voice Protocol

People will not be able to buy ISDN (integrated services digital) and PSTN (public switched telephone network) circuits like before. This is because of the transition to voice protocol. BT Wholesale announced that this would come into effect as from 2020 since it aims at switching them off in 2025. This announcement has led to … Read more

What the Future Holds for Voice Internet Protocol

Being in a position to witness the great strides and changes made in the telecommunication industry is a privilege. There has been a gradual transition from the PSTN to voice internet protocol over the years. Eventually, PSTN will be completely phased out. The uptake of voice internet protocol by many companies has been on a … Read more

How to Protect your IP Phone System From Vishing

Technological advancement, particularly in the telecommunication field, has made life extremely easy. However, as it is with many human successes, there are always individuals determined to undermine them both for personal gain and even just for mischief. An example of such illegal acts is vishing which is an acronym for ‘voice phishing’. What is Vishing? … Read more

How to Make Your IP Phone System More Effective

With every dawning day, IP Phone System service providers are coming up with creative and unique products to have the edge over their competitors. When you decide to start using VoIP for your business, you will need to determine the type of hardware to purchase and whether to choose either hosted services or proceed with … Read more

The Enterprise+ ITSP Platform with Fully Branded Wholesalers

The Enterprise+ comes with all the capabilities, features and functionalities of the Enterprise Plan together with an extra branded Reseller layer. This allows our partners of the Enterprise Plus to take in VoIP wholesalers who can as well be fully branded and fully independent. If need be, our Enterprise+ associates can even re-brand our support … Read more

Feature Rich Enterprise Management of Content for ITSPs

The Active SoftSwitch Enterprise builds on all the advantages of Active SoftSwitch Professional by adding two extra remarkable capabilities. First of all, the Class 5 Service features of Porta One which are quite vital for a business to business services are included, then there is an opulent ‘Service Wrap’ that has advanced tool for content … Read more

How Our Professional Management for Wholeseller Services Works

Through taking advantage of the raw power of the global service engine of Porta One and using the latest software release on distributed service architecture, Pro enables a robustly resilient data management for your self-hosted service environment. It consists of PortaBilling, PortaSIP and a complete set of Class 4 features. It however doesn’t include any … Read more

Residential VoIP and its Benefits

In general, residential VoIP telephone systems are significantly cheaper as compared to the conventional residential phone system and they could considerably cut your monthly expenditure on phone bills. Even though there are some other options, the majority of residential VoIP systems are delivered by Hosted PBX service providers. Benefits of Residential VoIP One of the … Read more

Business IP Centrex

White Branded B2B Solutions Enterprise Plus, Active SoftSwitch Enterprise and Ultimate partners who offer Virtual Office and IP Centrex can allow a more effective means of communication for their business clientele while still using their current phone numbers and technology. With the use of the high-speed internet, users can customize control settings and customize features … Read more

Toll Free Numbers

We are an exclusive VoIP wholesaler that delivers top of the line global voice origination services in combination with the leading worldwide coverage of local, nationwide, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers. We always have virtual numbers in our stock at the ready for activation and the activation could even be instant through the API or … Read more

Business SIP Trunking

Capitalizing on Infrastructure Investments Business associates who have any of the four Active SoftSwitch Plans have the ability to offer a service of SIP Trunking to their business clients. Most of their clients will already have stepped up to a hybrid or a pure IP PBX for their telecommunications infrastructure. They will be searching for … Read more

Local and Toll Free Virtual Numbers Worldwide & How they Work

For instance, if you reside in the UK but your business office is in Argentina or you just have callers within the Argentine locale, your best bet for efficient and effective communication is buying an Argentinian international virtual number. Thus, your clients who reside anywhere within Argentina can call you through your Argentina Toll Free … Read more

Hosted IT Services for Your Clients

Hosted Exchange Hosted exchange is a messaging platform based on the cloud and is tailored for business. It enables your clientele to enjoy more efficient and effective business management, communication and collaboration. Email Security Custom made for businesses that utilize on-site servers such as Small Business Server (or Windows Server Essentials), Microsoft Exchange, an SMTP … Read more

Hosted Exchange

Access your Microsoft Exchange business emails on the cloud from the world’s largest independent provider. Become a Subscription Business Make steady profits consistently month after month Constant E-mail Backup Our hosted exchange provides your business with the kind of optimal security that it needs. We constantly back up the data of your emails all day … Read more

Email Security

With Rock-Solid Email Protection you can enjoy the following: 1. Unlimited Broadband No usage limits for your broadband services. You can browse and download 24/7. 2. Archiving of Emails Tamper proof long term security for the emails of your clients. 3. Spam & Virus Protection Safeguard the email accounts of your clients from time-wasting spam … Read more

Messages and Music On Hold

Did you know that the callers who are welcomed by music and messages while waiting on hold have a lower likelihood of hanging up? On the other hand, customers who are welcomed by total silence-zero audible cues such as music or messages to indicate that their phone calls are still connected tend to hung up … Read more

Hosted IP PBX/IP Centrex with PortaSwitch

PortaSwitch is a unified platform for the hosting of IP PBX services, conferencing, video and voice calls, presence service and unified messaging. The converged service delivery platform of PortaSwitch is composed of the following elements: 1. BSBC (Session-Border Controller) It provides a control point with a high availability for the purposes of all communications in … Read more

gloCOM Products

Experience remarkable flexibility. gloCOM is a Unified Communications applications designed for Desktop and Mobile in order to offer business users with a set of exclusive features and benefits that have the ability to transform the communications system of your company into a world-class powerhouse. Communicate smoothly beyond your imagination! Have total control of your office … Read more

Out Of Office Control With gloCOM

OVERVIEW gloCOM lets users take advantage of office phone control features while out of the office, without having to touch the phone physically. ‘‘…remote office phone control, dynamic conferencing…’’ Make use of easy actions such as drag and drop when adding a user or users to a chat/group chat/call/conference, make attended and blind transfers. Chat … Read more


OVERVIEW Keep working on the go and save as much time as possible. Experience first class efficiency with gloCOM GO.Plane mobile phone call, take charge of call times and set your availability using the gloCOM GO Presence functionality on the panel. ’’…gloCOM GO provides you with infinite flexibility for the smoothest and most effective communication…’’ … Read more

gloCOM CC Supervisor

OVERVIEW Check the phone and presence status of other agents. Send messages and make calls to them. View the status of idle agents, busy agents, calls on wait, real-time queues, etc.…You can also filter the agents and the queues so that you can only display the specific information that you want, for instance display only … Read more

gloCOM CC Agent and its Benefits

OVERVIEW Monitor the status of agents and the efficiency. Utilize the dialler with multiple strategies of outgoing calls. The moment an agent chooses not be ready, a request for the reason is made and reported for live and historic displays as well. ‘‘…static and dynamic options for agents…’’ Easy logging in and logging off as … Read more

gloCOM for Business

gloCOM business Edition is a tailor-made Unified Communications business tool that brings immense possibilities. Finally, you have a single application that you can depend on for handling all your communications on a daily basis. We created for you a combination of premium quality Instant messaging, file sharing, Voice and Video calls, Outlook and CRM integration … Read more

Luxury Long-Range Jets Add Boosted VoIP Service

They are prided as ‘…the world’s first truly personalized private airline.’ Zetta Jet, whose headquarters are in Singapore brings a promise of the ultimate luxurious experience in their first class flights on their fleet of ultra-long range business jet; the Bombardier Global. The Zetta Jet is among the few airlines that are able to fly … Read more

Mobile VoIP Market: Growing at 28%+ Annually Till 2020

According to a new research by Technavio, the average yearly growth in the mobile VoIP market globally was forecast at 28.5% between this year (2016) and 2020. Mobile VoIP provides consumers with the ability to make IP phone calls via mobile LTE and 3G networks, and fixed connections like Wi-Fi and wireless hotspots. Part of … Read more

How Much Bandwidth Do I Require For VoIP?

As home users and businesses stop using traditional analog telephone services, to adopt VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), one of the main challenges becomes the allocation of the adequate amount if bandwidth to your Internet telephone service. What amount of your current bandwidth is required for high-quality voice calls? This is among the most frequently … Read more

How to Account for Cloud-Based VoIP Expenditures in Your Organization

Often, technology expenditure solely falls on the IT department. In the past, this accounting strategy made a lot of sense when procuring and managing of the majority of solutions was carried out by IT. However, the current cloud-intensive business environments are diversifying the control of technology expenditure throughout your organization. For example, according to Gartner, … Read more

Five Essential VoIP Features That Increase Efficiency

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a piece of technical software that lets businesses manage customers in a timely, proficient manner. It also allows real-time communication between colleagues from different locations. As a business keeps growing, it is expected that new measures will be needed to be put in place in order to make sure … Read more

How to Choose Between Per User or Flat Fee When Selecting VoIP Service

Office phones need to be upgraded to VoIP systems for optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness. However, it could be difficult to determine the best option for your office setting especially since there are lots of different VoIP providers out there. As you narrow down your options, it usually comes down to choosing between a flat … Read more

Our Features of On Hold and Video Production

On Hold Messages We provide cost effective On Hold messaging rates and all-inclusive marketing services that entertain and motivate callers to take action, reduce hang-ups by callers, increase sales and boost the overall customer experience. IN addition, we also provide a risk-free trial of on hold sample message demo. Find out how our customized on … Read more

Entertain With On Hold Messages

Your Phone Messages Can Be Whatever You Would Like Them to Be At our studios, we have a habit of getting innovative and creative with the work that we do. We do not have any strict rules set aside. Our only aim of doing what we do is keeping your callers on the phone and … Read more

On Hold Music

The Soundtrack to The Success of Your Business Choosing the right kind of music for your business can serve as an advantage to anyone who is looking to keep their callers entertained and engaged and still stay professional. You should never leave your callers with dead silence since this will significantly increase the chances of … Read more


Find the Voice of Your Business Different forms of businesses will always want to give off different kinds of vibes to both potential and repeat customers. For instance, you may want to have your business present itself as fresh and exciting, warm and cosy or even powerful and commanding. Whichever vibe you are looking to … Read more

Mobile Voicemail

Take Messages and Manage Calls Through Your Cell Phone Using a Customized Voicemail In the current mobile age, lots of individuals carry out a sizeable chunk of their business management duties from the cell phone. Our radio services are not only customized for the phone systems of your office but they also accommodate your mobile … Read more

Auto Attendant

Transfer Your Callers to Where They Want to Without Dedicating Time to Do It The majority of businesses today have several departments or a variety of offices nationally or even globally. Most of the times, a receptionist or a secretary manually redirects callers to the right place. This is not only time-consuming but it also … Read more

Out of Hours Messages

Don’t Make Your Callers Wonder Why You Are Not Answering A new potential customer makes a call to your business. No one is there to pick up and the line ends up ringing out. The potential customer doesn’t know why there was no one to answer or whether they even called the right number. There … Read more

On Hold Music and Messages Without Contracts

Production of On Hold Messages Without Any Ongoing Charges or Contracts We have very simple on hold messaging offers that don’t come with any fees on either a monthly or an annual basis. Purchase any of our bundles and you will save a lot more for every recording, without any dates of expiration. You will … Read more

On Hold Music & Messages

Your Callers Will Know More About Your Services and Products and This Will Make Them Lose Their Perception of Time While They Wait Currently, there is a steady increase in the magnitude of business that is conducted via the cell phone. Thus, it is quite critical that you are presented to the customers (who are … Read more

High-Level Data Encryption on VICIhost

Advanced encryption of data is available from the web browser of your agent, all the way up to the data storage back-end in our secure hosting facilities. We utilize NIST-approved, cutting-edge encryption algorithms to ensure the safety of your data. You are also allowed to send your clients to a to a secure IVR for … Read more

Agent Audio Soundboards

Audio Soundboards enable a human agent to play only some selected recordings of audio, like contractual or legal disclaimers. Moreover, soundboard setups that are much more complex, they can substitute an agent speaking to a client completely. We have successfully tested the control of the Audio Soundboard in VICIdial with more than one hundred recordings … Read more

Quality Control Module

There is a Quality Control module that is built into VICIdial which allows your supervising and Quality Control workforce to review and code phone calls after the agents are through with them. The Quality Control module enables a review of the voice call recordings and also editing of the client’s records for special Quality Control … Read more

PBX features Enables Use Of Your System as an Office PBX

We have some VICIhost customers who use their VICIhost system as their office PBX. VICIhost provides you with a complete PBX package with all the features you expect to find in PBX, for instance; call queues, IVRs, incoming call routing, voicemail and using your SIP hard phones. Moreover, you will have an extra advantage of … Read more

Added Support Time

VICIhost comes with the developers and the maintenance team of the VICIdial Contact Centre Suite, always eager to give you a hand in configuring and managing your VICIdial system. The moment you sign up with VICIhost, you are allowed access to the VICIdial Manager and Agent manual together with five hours of technical support to … Read more

No Hidden Charges

We have published all our charges right on our Features Page, we never throw in lots of additional hidden charges and we don’t Nickle and dime our customers. We include the majority of our features at no additional cost. If you want to have incoming phone numbers, we can give them to you at an … Read more

Up-Time Guarantee Of 99.9% with VICIhost

We base our normal uptime guarantee off a fifteen-hour workday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 am GMT -5. However, we also have some VICIhost clients who operate all day, all night, in every day of the week (24/7). Thu, we can also customize a system that will enable you to run smoothly on a 24/7 … Read more

Scalable to Hundreds of Agents Logged-in

At one time, one of our VICIhost clients had a peak of more than 500 logged in handling telephone calls. We also have another who regularly placed more than one million outgoing phone calls every day, We are able to set up a VICIhost server cluster for handling just about any magnitude of call load … Read more

Dedicated Dialler Server Hardware

Giving every customer their dedicated dialling server hardware, is one other way that VICIhost uses to guarantee quality. We do not utilize virtual machines and all your dialling will only be sued for phone calls handling. We offload the database and web functions so as to separate huge servers that are set up to handle … Read more

Moving from On-Site to Hosted or Hosted to On-Site

One of the features that sets VICIhost apart from its counterparts, is that we can move your system from being in form hardware at your set up location to a hosted location and the other way round, from VICIhost system to a premises VICIdial system. Since we are based on the VICIdial Open Source Contact … Read more

Month-to-Month Terms, No Long-Term Contracts

At VICIhost, we never use high-pressure marketing tactics, we only provide month-to-month services. Therefore, if you feel like cancelling your service, you can easily do that within just a week’s notice. Together with the option of transferring your VICIdial system to your hardware the terms of service of the month-to-month service maintain your lock-in to … Read more

Virtually Limitless Campaigns, Incoming Queues, IVRs, Lists, …

We serve some customers that have massive configurations. We have had a customer with more than 10,000 DIDs on just one system. Another one with more than 800 lists, another customer with more than 700 incoming lines, and another one with 400 campaigns. With VICIdial, the sky is the only limit, we can assist you … Read more

Zoiper Webphone on VICIhost

You can use the Zoiper Webphone with your VICIhost account at no extra cost and you can easily embed it right into the Agent Screen of your VICIdial. The fact that you aren’t required to configure on the Agent workstation may possibly be Zoiper Webphone’s best feature. This can immensely cut on costs, particularly in … Read more

Instant or Scheduled Website Call-backs in VICIdial

Whether you are looking to allow clients to schedule their incoming calls when it is convenient for them or you want to call hot web leads immediately, VICIdial’s API enables you to input records into your system so that you can carry out both of these and a lot more. The VICIdial has a range … Read more

Broadcasting Messages and Internal Agent Chatting with VICIdial

VICIhost enables you to send messages as a manager to your agents, and the agents can also respond to you. Managers are allowed to send messages to every logged-in agent, a few agents of their choice or just a single agent if that is what they want. Agents are also allowed to send and receive … Read more

Integrated Web-Based Agent Phone with VICIdial

You can gain access to our Web-Based Agent phone using your VICIhost account. This phone has the ability to operate as an integrated unit of the Agent Screen of VICICdial on any agent workstation that is based on the Windows platform. Moreover, unlike the majority of software based phones, it doesn’t need manual configuration. This … Read more

Our Full VICIdial Regulatory-Compliance for the UK, Canada and USA

With VICIdial, you will have all the tools that you require to stay compliant with the specific regulations in the countries that you make your calls to. In Canada, you must stay compliant with both the FCC and FTC calling regulations for call abandon, caller ID, dropped calls and cell phone filtering features. In the … Read more

Our Most Important VICIdial Features for All Businesses

Let your call agents handle incoming and outgoing calls as well as incoming website and email customer chat altogether in the same internet-based agent interface. VICIdial was created with integrated contact management in mind, thus, it eliminates the need for agents to keep logging in and out in order to change from incoming to outgoing. … Read more

Importance of a Specialized Dialer System

A PBX and/or a Dailer system is essentially the backbone of any calling centre, or honestly any business for that matter. In case any of these crucial systems were to fail for any amount of time, it could be awfully disastrous and costly for the period of that outage. Our specialized team of certified engineers … Read more

Per-Campaign, System-Wide and Inbound DNC Lists in VICIdial

You can create shared or separate DNC lists for every campaign, using your VICIhost system. You can also choose to utilize a system-wide DNC list that can be allowed as you wish for every single campaign. Apart from that, you can redirect or block incoming calls into VICIdial with respect to the number on the … Read more

VICIhost Cell-phone Filtering for TCPA Compliance

In the United States Of America, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) specifically averts texts or calls to cell-phones from systems that are capable of ‘auto-dialling’. Hence, ‘Auto-dialling’ has been well-defined as the ability to store the details of a phone number and make a phone call. As a result of this particular … Read more

Available Languages in VICIdial

VICIdial’s agent screen is available in sixteen different languages: English French German Spanish Italian Greek Danish Japanese Traditional Chinese Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese Polish Swedish Dutch Russian Slovak The admin screen of VICIdial is available in 7 languages. English French German Spanish Italian Greek Brazilian Portuguese VICIdial not only allows you to use any of the … Read more

Web-Configurable Voicemail Boxes and IVRs in VICIdial

From the Admin site you are allowed to configure multi-level Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) that have numerous end-points(in hundreds) , with time-dependent features, and you can even log the available client IVRs. We have also assisted customers to integrate with their core systems for building dynamic IVRs that are able to provide information based on … Read more

CRM Integration with VICIhost

VICIhost is able to integrate with a range of other well-known CRM systems, to provide you with an all-in-one that is tied into the back-end of your client management systems. Below are some of the CRM systems that we presently integrate with: LessAnnoyingCRM Zendesk Zoho Vtiger Pipedrive Insightly Teamsupport In addition, if your CRM … Read more

Agent Scripting with Client Data

We have an Agent Scripting utility which lets you insert the fields of your client data into your script so that you can have a seamless presentation for the clients. Apart from that, you can instead utilize your web page in the Agent Scripting screen, and you can immediately pass the client variables to your … Read more

Working Remotely Using VICIdial

With the flexibility of VICIdial, your agents can work from almost anywhere they want. As long as they have a computer, a phone or headset and they an internet connection, agents can work from a central call centre or even at home. We have customers that have hundreds of home-based agents all on the same … Read more

Scheduled Call-backs On VICIdial: Anyone and Agent-Only

Agents are able to schedule a call-back with a client and either allow any other agent to take the call-back or reserve the call-back for themselves when the scheduled time comes. There is a flash notification on the agent screen for the Agent-Only call-backs, to inform them that their call-backs have activated so they can … Read more

VICIdial Integrated Call Recording

VICIdial comes with Full Featured Call Recording built in. With this, you are able to automatically record all call being received by the agents or allow the agents control over when they can start or stop recording calls. You can also record incoming calls as they come in to your system before they are redirected … Read more

VICIdial Three-Way Calling within the Agent Screen

An agent can make a call to a third-party while he/she is on another phone call with a client in the agent screen and they can all conference together with the client the agent was talking to. This call to a third-party can be made with the current client live on the line or on … Read more

Types of Outgoing Dialling in VICIdial

There are three main outbound dialling types in VICIdial, they are: Predictive, Broadcast and Agent-Controlled Dialling. 1. Predictive Dialling: this enables the system to calculate the amount of telephone calls it thinks it should make so as to keep the call agents occupied with phone calls and simultaneously stay below a specific limit of call … Read more

Agent Ranking with Skills-Based Routing in VICIdial

When it comes to Agent Ranking and Skill-Based Routing, calls and emails can be forwarded to agents who have the ability to handle them effectively with the highest level of efficiency based on their skills. For instance, assume we have 3 agents working in the call center at ACME Corporation vending widgets. Tom, Dick and … Read more

All You Need To Know About Vicidial

What is Vicidial? Vicidial is a dialler in which: agents log in, managers load some leads into it and then it makes calls to the leads so that the agents can communicate with them. When a phone call is picked up, Vicidial indicates the details of the lead (e.g. name and address) in a web … Read more

Vicidial Training

Our Training Team consists of highly experienced call centre specialists with a minimum of a decade of practice working in Call Centres. Each of them has worked with several platforms and this gives us an opportunity to provide thorough and accurate training. Every course comes with a complete reference documentation for you to refer to … Read more

Vicidial Support Packages

Vicidial Support – Hourly, Monthly and Premium We are dedicated to providing support for Vicidial 24/7. Our engineering team consistently monitors calls from our customer care centres in order to make the necessary changes for them. Because of that, our workforce is exceptionally skilled at identifying and fixing Vicidial problems. Whether you require help with … Read more

Vicidial Servers Configuration

We have specifically configured our Vicidial Servers for optimal performance. We have racked up our servers in Manchester Science Park at the Melbourne Server Hosting which is right above the major internet hub of the North West. We utilize a Storage Area Network that is linked via VPN to another based in Stockport. This ensures … Read more

Vicidial Hosting – Dedicated Data Storage and Hardware

Vicidial Hosting – Specialized Hosting + Premium Support Do you want to increase the productivity of your call centre? Are you worried that your leads are not being called as frequently as they should? Are you not able to see clearly what your sales people are doing and have lost the productivity of your business? … Read more

Networking: How You Can Get It Right

How Important is Networking? Through the years, we have provided our services to several call centres. From our experience, there are two main underlying causes of problems; the quality of the internet connectivity and networking. Without a doubt, if you don’t take you time to properly plan for your networking, failure is imminent. Moreover, if … Read more

Disaster Recovery for Call Centres

This is a very crucial strategy for call centres. VICIdial Disaster Recovery Plan Why is Disaster Recovery So Vital? You may think that the single costliest resource of any call centre is the hardware the data or even the calls that are being made, but no! The staff is actually the most expensive resource. The … Read more

All You Need To Know About Our Hosted Dialler Services

Do you want to increase the productivity of your call centre? Are you worried that your leads are not being called as frequently as they should? Are you not able to see clearly what your sales people are doing and have lost the productivity of your business? Have you lost interest in investing tens or … Read more

Inclusive Packages for Small Sized Contact Centres

Do you manage a small-sized contact centre that has less than 8 agents? Do you like planning your expenditure down to the penny every other month? Do you like knowing exactly the amount that you will spend? We fully understand that for small teams, it is not always sensible to lease a hosted server and … Read more

Quality of Service in VoIP

The Quality of Service (QoS) is a crucial subject in the implementation of VoIP. The main concern is how to provide assurance that packet traffic for a media connection such as voice will not experience delays or drops as a result of interference from other traffic that is of lower priority. The things to be … Read more

How to Select The Best Phone Service for Your Business

You need to make careful considerations when you choose a phone system for your business. In this day and age, the heavy domination by mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets makes a lot of business owners forget about paying close attention when selecting phone systems, assuming that their mobile devices will automatically cope. The … Read more

Algeria Virtual Phone Numbers

We offer Algeria local phone numbers in more than 60 other nations globally, and DID numbers with the cheapest rates at the highest quality. Benefits of Buying Local Algeria Numbers at the Most Affordable Rates in the Market Make outbound calls with your Algeria virtual number using our mobile app or a softphone Forward phone … Read more

GEA for Dummies

Year in, year out, the internet industry is faced with a new confusing abbreviation. 6 years ago, it was EAD, four years ago, it was EFM and last year it was GEA. So, the question that has been going around is, what exactly is GEA? Essentially, GEA is an acronym for Generic Ethernet Access, a … Read more

Callback Services

Solutions to Drive Acquisition of Customers ITSPs have the ability to operate four types of callback solutions when using Active SoftSwitch and this allows users to initiate long-distance phone calls using a range of origination methods, thereby offering a fine alternative to outgoing long-distance call charges. Who is it for? Web portals with speech-enabled functionalities … Read more

Callshop Services

Two Solutions – Multiple Alternatives Active SoftsSwitch provides a selection of two Callshop options. The original Porta One Callshop solution based on VoIP is free with either of the Ultimate or Enterprise Service Plans. This is lucrative to consumers due to its low entry cost (there is no need for a major extra investment) and … Read more

Wholesale Termination & Origination

Wholesale for VoIP Resellers This traffic solution for a VoIP wholesaler can provide call exchange services to ITSPs globally. It comes as part of the Active SoftSwitch Lite package plan and it is an optional feature with the A S Pro, Enterprise and the Ultimate plans. With the billing engine of PortaOne at the center, … Read more

Number Forwarding and How it Works

Perfect Solution Created by FREE Add-on ‘Application Set’ Active Softswitch (AS) consists of numerous Add-on Applications and services. In this case, we pool together six Add-on Apps (Local Number, Registration, Profile, Virtual Numbers, Balance Top-Up and CDR’s) into one multifaceted ‘App Set’ and this creates a FREE Number Forwarding solution with the AS Ultimate service … Read more

Training for More Efficient Service Provision

Good Training Creates Good Customers In the course of providing our services to our vast range of clientele, we have realized that exceptional training is the finest way to maintain a profitable partnership. Each of the partners who come to our training programme start at a different point and each of them come with varying … Read more

All About Residential Service

Global Management of White Branded VoIP Service Active SoftSwitch can provide residential consumers or end users significantly reduced calling costs, streamlined billing and a vast range of user-friendly features; the key aspects that make residential internet telecom services immensely popular. The strategic advantages make it quite lucrative to ITSPs and other carriers who are looking … Read more

Levels of Technical Support for our Customers

As already stated, the level of services that you select to provide your clients will largely be driven by what your service rates are. If you offer a low price to your customers, then you will definitely require less when it comes to service support. On the other hand, if your focus is on value, … Read more

Teleco Grades of SoftSwitch

PortaOne: A Service Powerhouse Active SoftSwitch draws its exclusive power from PortaSwitch Prosinctus, which is the core of its service. PortaOne can thus be described as ‘‘the ultimate combination of all our range of products and technical equipment built under a comprehensively collective VoIP billing software platform in order to achieve the highest performance levels … Read more

How the Ultimate ITSP Plan Works

The Ultimate ITSP Platform Plan has been designated for a superior quality VoIP wholesaler that has the intention of ramping up quickly (or have already achieved scale) and is searching for a combination of a global UM Service that has a wide variety of Telco features and exceptional Content Management. This flat rate plan provides … Read more

What are the benefits of VoIP ?

Benefits of VoIP There are many benefits of VoIP technology, this is why increasing numbers of small and medium businesses are migrating towards hosted VoIP solution. One of the major motivational factors is that businesses need to become more cost effective. They have to remain competitive but cut costs at the same time. Xinix World … Read more

10 Best Android Apps for SIP and VoIP Calls

As technology keeps advancing our reliance on mobile networks keeps on reducing. A data signal can be accessed almost everywhere that a mobile signal is available and for the better part of the day most of us tend to use Wi-Fi. The advancement of technology has reached a point where talking via the internet is … Read more

Apple’s 13 Year Streak of Mobile Device Growth Comes to an End

Apple, the mobile device giant experienced its first decline in revenue for 13 years after the sales in all its device categories significantly slowed down. Typically, the iPhone brings in about two-thirds of Apple’s total revenue; the 51 million shipments in Q1 2016 were 16% lower than in Q1 2015 where 61 million devices shipped. … Read more

BT Warns Resellers – Beware Deals That Are Too Cheap

The General Manager of BT for Broadband services, Simon Brisbourne, says that resellers have to think wisely about building solutions around fibre deals that are rather cheap. Here are the five best reasons that he gives as to why BT fibre should be chosen. By June 2015, the BT fibre network had already availed connection … Read more

Customers Stay Connected with Cloud-Based VoIP

A responsive contact centre plays a crucial role in the delivery of high-quality customer care and satisfaction which is a cornerstone of the success of a business. But then, conventional in-house systems of contact centre tend to be rather limited in their ability to deliver the type of service that current customers expect. This is … Read more

Ofcom Confirms New BT Regulations

The Office of Communications, popularly known as Ofcom has established the new regulations for BT after it was recently unveiled that the giant’s infrastructure wing is taking an average of 48 days for installation of business lines. Ofcom, the government-sanctioned control and competition authority for the telecommunications, broadcasting and postal industries of the UK warned … Read more

SIP Ups the Benefits of Migration

Nick Guite, Fixed Networks’ General Manager at BT Wholesale explains the reason he believes that resellers have a chance of driving positive change in businesses. Last year, Gavin Patterson the CEO of BT set a completion date for ISDN migration and stated that all consumers are going to be on the IP network by 2025. … Read more

UK Broadband Survey Points Out Huge Variations Of Speed

uSwitch, UK’s well-renown price comparison service has unveiled a list of the download speeds that can be practically achieved in 42 cities and towns and it shows a wide gap between the fastest and the slowest speed. According to the list that was published by uSwitch, the town of Middlesbrough tops the list with an … Read more

UK’s Broken Broadband

Since Ofcom’s long-awaited evaluation of the UK market has not yet taken place, and the decision on Openreach is still pending, we bring you a different outlook on how ‘UK’s Broken Broadband’ can be fixed by Tatros, the fibre optic provider; and they don’t hold back! The broadband of the UK faces a risk of … Read more

Employees high stress Levels with boardroom technology

According to Barco research, 9 out of 10 UK office employees undergo extremely elevated levels of stress whenever they deal with bothersome boardroom technology during their meetings. The heart rates of employees rose to 179bpm at any time they grapple with technology in the course of a meeting as compared to the 60-100bpm heart rate … Read more

Yealink Announces Interoperability of Bluejeans

Yealink, leading global UC (Unified Communications) terminal solution provider recently made an announcement that its VC (video conferencing) endpoints, the T49G for desktops and VC110 for huddle rooms have achieved interoperability with their cloud-based video communications service, BlueJeans. These new endpoints join the VC120 and VC400 solutions as the latest BlueJeans compatible products in Yealink’s … Read more

Survey Finds that Small Businesses Seek Features of a VoIP System

Small businesses are moving more and more towards VoIP services for their telecommunications. According to a recent report from Software Advice, small businesses are still using mobile and landlines. But according to a survey of more than 350 small businesses in the UK during 2013-2014, many small businesses are interested in purchasing a new phone … Read more

VoIP Makes the Workplace Smarter

Starting from smartphones all the way up to smart homes, smart technology is revolutionizing how we live and how we work. This is because digital technology remarkably simplifies getting connected to everything at all times, even towns and cities are becoming smarter. Currently, smart technology is bringing amazing changes to the workplace and with cloud-based … Read more

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