Bulk SMS Marketing

Empower your business with SMS Marketing.

Create A Mobile Marketing Campaign That’s 5 x More Effective Than Direct Mail

The secret is out — mobile marketing campaigns are more effective than traditional marketing methods, and they are cheaper to create and deliver!

With more and more internet users accessing the web via mobile devices, it’s impossible to ignore the opportunities available with mobile marketing. Cheaper to create and deliver than traditional methods, mobile campaigns are the smart solution for every forward-thinking business.

Whether you’re new to mobile marketing or have seen success with it before, XINIX can provide a full SMS marketing service to meet your needs. We’ll create the campaign, advise on the appropriate keywords and help you to maximise the number of subscribers. We also offer tracking and analysis of your campaign results to enable you to optimise and effectively deliver future campaigns.

Mobile marketing is already thousands of users, giving them quick and simple access to fantastic deals. Don’t get left behind – contact XINIX today for details on our mobile marketing services.

Why go mobile?

The power of mobile marketing is evident. According to studies by Nielson Mobile, 97% of mobile subscribers will read a text within 15 minutes of receiving it and 84% will respond within one hour. Further to that, average mobile marketing response rates a typically 12-15% compared to the 2-3% response rate generated through direct mail.*

UK consumers are bombarded with marketing messages on a daily basis. That means you need to work hard and think creatively to make your message stand out. Mobile marketing is ideal for this as it reaches the consumer directly, exposing them to your particular message or offer. It can turn a static print ad into a feature rich, interactive experience, making your brand and your product engaging and attractive.

*Source: http://www.themobilemarketingreview.com/mobile-statistics/

SMS Marketing

Empower your business with SMS Marketing

Features and Benefits

SMS is the perfect way to make sure communications reach your customers. Whether you’re sending a marketing message, important information, an appointment reminder or a news alert, SMS enables you to engage with consumers directly and successfully.

SMS should be simple and cost-effective, and at XINIX we’re dedicated to helping you get the most from the service.

Some of the features we offer include:
• Single (streaming / person to person) messages
• Group (bulk / marketing) messages, including delivery to landlines
• Inbound premium rate / reverse billing via shortcode / keyword
• Branded messages for marketing campaigns with textual originator
• WAP Push options, binary messages, VCard, VCal etc
• Simple to integrate HTTP API or SMPP for both outbound and inbound
• Web based service with no software to download
• Fast and secure delivery of every message
• Full web based delivery reports on all messages
• Get your own branded portal, you’re own SMS gateway for your customers
• Text to video screen for promotions and marketing events

Shortcode SMS

Many industries, from nightclub promoters to motor manufacturers now use shortcodes with keywords. These allow customers to gather information on your products and services, and can be used for a number of value added services such as ringtone ordering, charity donation and mobile services.

Messages sent to shortcodes are typically billed at a higher rate than standard SMS, but can be free of charge dependent on the application. XINIX offers both dedicated and shared shortcodes with keywords, enabling your customers to send an inbound test message to a limited-digit shortcode with a word or short phrase as the body of the text (for example, XINIX texted to 12212).

We receive the message and forward it directly to your account or send it via e-mail, and can generate an automated response or e-mail to the customer on your behalf. With some of the most memorable shortcodes in the industry, we can deliver the perfect combination of code and keyword for your marketing campaign.

Contact XINIX on 0800 999 2232 today for details or to obtain a quote.

Non-Geographic numbers – 0800 / 0870 / 0845

Complement your SMS marketing campaign with an easy-to-remember 0800, 0845 or 0870 number. XINIX offers a range of non-geographic numbers with web-based call stats and optional call recording for training or contract purposes.

Contact Centre Solution – Outbound calling and Inbound Call Handling

Should you need a full contact centre solution, we will help you to create a bespoke package that provides the services you require. Outbound SMS marketing, web-based Progressive Dialer solution, call recording and inbound NGNs are all covered – simply discuss your needs with one of our consultants and enjoy a fully tailored and supported service for every campaign.

API Connectivity

API integration is simple and hassle-free, and you don’t have to be a genius to make it work for you.

Features include:

• Sending single or group SMS messages
• Sending single or multiple WAP push messages
• Checking account balance
• Polling/listening for incoming SMS or replies
• Check delivery status on messages
• Add/remove entries from phone books
• HTTP, HTTPS or SMPP connectivity

Technical support is available via telephone and e-mail during office hours and if necessary, we will visit your premises to assist with more complicated and bespoke integrations.

How SMS Works

SMS is rapidly becoming an essential marketing tool, being cheaper than phone calls and faster than e-mail. It needn’t be difficult to operate either.

Choosing XINIX means you’ll benefit from a simple distribution interface that is designed for the everyday user, not specialist programmers. Our web-based application combines industry-leading features with an intuitive setup that allows you to quickly and efficiently create and send your campaign. We can also design a branded portal for your company if required – contact us for details.

Simply log in to the site with your unique username and password and begin to compose the message you’d like to deliver. Select your distribution list, set the time and date you wish to transmit the message and you’ve finished – it’s as easy as that!

Our straightforward tool enables you to put together distribution lists for individual campaigns or customers and save them for re-use at the touch of a button according to your needs.

Below are just a few of the features we can offer:

• Simple text messaging, including delivery to landlines
• Group text messaging – deliver your message to
• multiple users
• Contact lists – Store commonly used recipients
• Credit/Debit card or invoice billing
• Sending of Binary messages: VCard/VCal, WAP Push, MMS messages
• All UK networks and landlines covered for same low cost
• Delivery reports at no extra cost – See when your messages are read
• Web based usage reports
• Premium rate & inbound SMS support
• Textual originators or any UK number
• Timed delivery – Send texts at a future time/date
• Reminders – never have customers/patients miss appointments
• Integration with your own software via API/HTTP/FTP
• 10 Rules for a better response to your SMS campaign

With more than 95%* of all SMS messages read by recipients, this simple form of marketing is a powerful vehicle to promote your product or services.

10 simple rules for SMS campaign success

1. Respect your customers – Obtain permission to market to you customers via SMS and provide them with the ability to opt out (e.g. ‘Text STOP to 21221’).
2. Ensure your message is targeted to your audience – Consumers will be more likely to respond or convert if your promotion is relevant, attractive and directed at their needs or interests.
3. Provide a value proposition – consider whether you, as a consumer, would read and respond to the message you are sending.
4. Make it sharable – Consumers are likely to forward particularly attractive promotions on to friends, increasing your campaign’s reach.
5. Time your message – sending a message at the appropriate time will increase its success. Consider what time of day your customers will be most influenced by the campaign.
6. Be concise – shorter messages with a clear call to action are easier to digest and respond to.
7. Don’t spam your consumers – they will opt out of receiving the messages very quickly. Ensure any recipients who do opt out are cleared from your database quickly.
8. Don’t forget to identify yourself – consumers need to know who is offering them the promotion
9. Test your message – as with e-mail campaigns, it’s important to check the message works before you send it to your database. An incorrect or faulty message will make your business look unprofessional.
10. Evaluate – always analyse campaign results to see where your service or promotions could be improved.

* Source: Frost & Sullivan, 2010

SMS Marketing

Empower your business with SMS Marketing.

What does SMS stand for?

SMS stands for ‘Short Messaging Service’, so called because messages don’t usually exceed 160 characters. It’s also commonly known as ‘texting’.

How many recipients can I send a message to at a time?

The number of recipients depends on the number of credits you have purchased. Providing you have enough credits, the amount of people you can send your message to is potentially unlimited.

Will all of my customer’s mobiles be able to receive an SMS?

All major mobile operators support SMS, so unless the customer’s number is no longer available or valid, all consumers should receive the text.

How much will it cost me to send each message?

Pricing is volume-related. The more you use the service, the cheaper each individual message is.

How do I pay for the service?

When you have registered with us, you will be able to log in to your account and buy credits. One credit is the cost of one message. It’s easiest to pay by credit card – see our pricing section for cost details.

Is there any set-up or repeat charges?

Registration is free and we provide you with 10 credits to get you started. You then buy credits as required.

Can I send ringtones, screensavers or other premium rate services?

If you require a premium rate service where the customer is charged for the message, XINIX can provide a solution for your needs. Please contact us for further details. Regularly updating your database means your won’t waste time and money sending messages to invalid numbers or to customers who do not wish to receive your communications. We provide you with reports that detail which numbers received the message. See the section ‘10 rules for SMS campaign success’ to ensure you maximise your campaign.

It’s important to regularly maintain you contact list to both ensure that you aren’t wasting time and money sending messages to invalid numbers and that the customer is happy to receive your offers and promotions. We provide you with reports that detail which numbers received the message. See the section 10 Rules for High Response to ensure you maximise your campaign.

What happens to the numbers I use, will they be used by anyone else?

You will retain exclusive use of your numbers. We won’t re-use them for any purpose.

How long does it take to set up my account and to start using the service?

Your account can be set up and active within 15 minutes. Click on the link to open an account, then enter you details and set up a password. You can trial the service for free and if you’re happy, all you need to do is buy some credits and start sending your messages.

Do you provide any help if I have any problems using the service?

We provide full support for the service, including a technical help desk to assist you with any technical questions and an account management team to assist you with any other queries.

Can I schedule my messages in advance to be delivered when they have maximum impact?

Yes, we have designed the service to be as easy and convenient as possible to operate. You can set up groups of users and standard messages that can then be tailored for individual campaigns, and put together the messages when it’s convenient. These can be scheduled for delivery at the optimum date and time for maximum impact. Most messages will be delivered within 10 seconds of being sent out. XINIX has recently introduced a second system that enables your campaign to be spread out evenly between a start and end time. This is an ideal solution if you are handling response phone calls, as it ensures your call centre is not swamped with responses.

We’ve recently introduced a second system that also allows message to be spread out evenly between a start and end time. This is ideal if you are handling response phone calls as it ensures that your call centre is not swamped with calls.

What are the industry standard response rates for SMS marketing campaigns compared to other media?

This varies by campaign but responses of up to 40% aren’t uncommon. We have extensive experience in the provision of SMS marketing services and have seen customers attain response rates of up to 43%.

Are there any guidelines as to who I target?

You must have each recipient’s permission to communicate with them via SMS marketing. Ensure you clearly identify your brand in the message and provide a functional “opt-out” or unsubscribe facility.

SMS Marketing

Empower your business with SMS Marketing.

All UK networks are covered for the same cost unlike many of our competitors who charge different rates for different networks and deliver via foreign networks. With XINIX 1 credit = 1 SMS, simple! This includes sending text messages to landlines too. Texts start as low as 2.8p depending on quantity, please contact us for more details.

Outbound SMS Pricing:

Text Messages Per Text Cost (ex vat)
100 4.5p £4.50
250 4.5p £11.5
500 4.5p £22.50
1,000 4.5p £45.00
5,000 4.25p £212.00
10,000 4.0p £400
25,000 3.75p £937.50
50,000 3.5p £1,750
100,000 3.25p £3,250.00
250,000 3.0p £7,500.00
500,000 2.9p £14,500.00

NB – Prices based on prepayment, price is per message sent to any UK network including landlines, credits expire after 12 months.

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