Hosted VoIP £23.50 £6.00
Mobile 15p 9.5p
Local 8p 1.25p
National 8p 1.25p


Hosted Business VoIP

Multiple offices. One hosted telephone pbx system from just £6.00 a month

Are you looking for a fully managed, hosted telephony service for your new premises? Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade your existing telephone system with little or no capital expenditure? If so, XINIX World Hosted VoIP phone systems are the ideal solution.
This cost-effective and fully managed business voice solution is available to all organisations across the UK and Ireland and offers a flexible and scalable alternative to private automatic branch exchange (PABX).
Always kept up to date and easily transferrable from one location to another, XINIX World Hosted VoIP is a convenient way to handle communications. One system incorporates all of the following:

• Free calls between users wherever they are
• Remote management facility
• Many features to improve efficiency of call handling
• Mobile phone integration

There’s no costly maintenance contract either, meaning your telephony system will be completely hassle free.
Our packages start from just £19.99 and include 1x VoIP user, unlimited free UK landline minutes, 40 premium PBX features and more – please see the packages tab for further details.

How it works

XINIX World Hosted Business VoIP is designed to cut out the day-to-day hassle and expense of managing your own phone system. We provide a switchboard capability to customers that is managed from our telephone exchange, and supported over our state-of-the-art network.
No matter what the size and needs of your business, you’ll find a competitively priced VoIP call plan to suit you. You can move your BT numbers to us effortlessly and take advantage of the range of additional services we offer, such as intelligent call routing and wholesale voice interconnect.

Contact XINIX today for further details free on 0800 999 6661

Business Hosted VoIP

Multiple offices. One system

VoIP Features and Benefits

Direct dial services

Every Hosted IPT extension has its own unique directory number, which allows external users to bypass switchboard operators and to call a staff member directly. In addition, it means that each Hosted IPT user does not experience any network constraints in obtaining a line to make external calls.

Convenience dialling

Includes features such as call transfer and conference calling

Efficient call handling

Enables more efficient call handling with features such as call hold, call divert and voicemail. Every user has a personal message box supporting personal greetings, message retrieval and message forwarding.

Uniform call distribution

Allows efficient management of large volumes of incoming calls

Call park & pick up

Enables users to receive an incoming call to a particular extension from anywhere in the office or park it on hold and restart when necessary.

Auto attendant

Automated and efficient front-end call handling service

Work-life balance and productivity

Enables automatic routing of incoming calls, irrespective of where they are connected to the network. Users can make and receive calls remotely on whatever device they choose, as long as they have an internet connection.

Flexible messaging

Integrated voicemail delivery to enable users to receive messages on the move, improving responsiveness and productivity.


Cost effective

Utilisation of our central exchange removes the need for capital expenditure and ongoing costs associated with PABX maintenance contracts

Lower call charges

• Savings of up to 40% on call charges

Fully managed

We monitor the XINIX Hosted network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at no additional cost to you.

Unlimited growth

No network capacity issues or expensive system upgrades. Additional lines can be made available via your online account

Short term contracts

Customers or extensions can be set up on a rolling monthly basis

Multiple locations

Desk-to-desk dialling and feature interaction is supported across all sites within a local group

Future proofing

Hosted IPT users are protected against their network investment becoming obsolete, as we continue to invest in the latest technology.

Flexible and feature rich

Protection against a network investment becoming obsolete thanks to continuous investment in new technology. Flexible and feature rich with customisation options for departments and individual user

Remote working

Flexible for business with that support remote working


Hosted VoIP

Multiple offices. One system

Hosted IP Telephony enables your business to consolidate all its voice-based communications into one system, looked after by one supplier. From VoIP number provisioning to call recording, hosted IP telephony has all the features you would expect from a traditional PBX, plus some that are only available from a hosted IP telephony infrastructure.

What is Hosted IP Telephony?

Hosted IP Telephony allows you to connect to your own part of a larger, centralised IP PBX. Located in our data centre and maintained via our software, this IP PBX provides all the voice services and features your business requires for daily communication.
All you need to install hosted IP Telephony is an internet connection and IP phones. XINIX takes care of everything else at our secure data centre. Users access the system via an online portal, which is available from any location and any device with internet capability, at any time.


Many businesses that use hosted IP Telephony benefit from reduced monthly costs as well as lower equipment ownership costs. Contact XINIX today to find out how VoIP can save your organisation money.

Call Management

Call management and profiling are the building blocks of your telephony system. Adapting call management can improve efficiency and put your business ahead of the curve by enabling you to route and direct calls effectively.
Features such as Dialplan, Huntgroups and call queuing are all available, and extensions can be moved within business groups when necessary to provide maximum productivity. The Call Management feature also allows you to manage your outbound call profiling by setting specific CLIs to the outbound call, withholding your CLI, or barring employees from making international calls.
In addition, Call Management allows you to set your working hours and redirect calls after this period to either the IVR platform or to an overflow external number. Companies with multiple sites can have calls moved between the branches to match working patterns; those with international sites can have calls redirected between them to support diverse time zones and prevent separate geographic locations from becoming an issue.

Call recording

VoIP call recording from XINIX allows you to record any or all calls within your organisation. Our online portal enables you to record inbound, and/or outbound calls for training and referencing purposes, something that is becoming the norm for many organisations.

Businesses regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) are obliged to record calls, and in other industries such as the legal, accountancy and advice sectors where call recording is not compulsory, it is becoming standard practice.

With XINIX’s VoIP call recording feature, you can not only record calls, but also decide how long you want to store recordings on our network. Choose from 30 to 180-day storage and take advantage of the intelligent reporting tools to find specific recordings quickly and efficiently. Our feature also enables you to download and attach a copy of the file to your in-house CRM for future reference.

Call recording options are as follows:
• Record all calls both inbound and outbound
• Record all inbound calls
• Record all outbound calls
• Record inbound or outbound per specific Caller ID

Calls are recorded as WAV files that can be played on the majority of standard media players. A monthly rental charge is applied to the extensions that have been used in the recording cycle.

FSA Call Recording Compliance

View a copy of the full FSA Policy statement

From March 2009, all companies that are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) are legally required to record all telephone calls and electronic communications associated to client orders. These must be stored for a minimum of 6 months and must be made available to the FSA when requested, with changes identified. The VoIP call recording solution adheres to this.

Call recording is geographically independent, so no matter where your offices or employees are in relation to each other, all calls are centrally recorded within the platform.
If you are interested in our telephony solutions then please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry today, or call us 0800 999 2232.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) brings an extra dimension to call management. Incoming calls are intelligently routed to the most appropriate destination using pre-recorded files that are uploaded to the system, along with actions added to the call profile based on the files. IVR is used widely in the call centre industry and can assist in efficiency management for businesses of any size.

Inbound Call Management

Inbound call management allows calls to be sent to the right place at the right time. Call management can be determined by a number of factors including volume of calls, types of calls, seasonality or promotions. By combining the powerful call management tools within with real time reporting, call management can be used to make sure no call goes unanswered.

Inbound call management can be used in conjunction with IVR or Voicemail to ensure that all calls reach the right person. Additionally, the voicemail to e-mail system ensures that messages left outside business hours can be picked up and responded to.

Outbound Call Management

Offering flexibility and convenience, the outbound call management service allows you to effectively handle outbound calls via a number of features.

CLI (Caller Line Identifier) can be changed on a per extension basis, and is set to the necessary ID and identified to the receiver of the call. For example, the support and finance departments within your business can have either the same or different CLIs depending on your organisation’s needs. CLIs can also be withheld.

To manage costs, international calls and calls to expensive premium rate numbers can be barred.
In addition, the reporting tools mean you can see what is happening within your business at any time. Calls can be tracked by type, cost or time of day and you can monitor who makes the most calls or spends the most time on the phone. All these features give you the ability to manage both your time and your staff in the most effective way.

Fax to E-mail

The fax to e-mail facility of our IP PBX system gives you either a UK geographic number or a UK non-geographic number that you will use as your standard fax number. When a colleague or customer sends a fax, this is transformed into an image and sent to the e-mail address you have associated to the fax number.

From a cost saving perspective, this means you don’t need a line to handle faxes or a fax machine to receive them. This saves your organisation money on both line rental and equipment. You can receive the fax on any device that is synced to your e-mail, be it laptop, iPhone or Blackberry.

Emergency Services Management

The XINIX network fully complies with the Telecommunications Act of the UK with regards to provision and delivery of emergency services to its users.

Customers can make calls to the Emergency Services in times of need to either the 999 or 112 emergency services numbers. All numbers which are registered within the XINIX Number block are linked to the individual or business address to which they are associated.

As the numbers are VoIP based and this means the location of the caller can be anywhere in the country. This in turn is advised to the Emergency Services, and should a call be made to either 999 or 112, the operator will always ask the caller for their location before passing over to the emergency service required.

Geographic Numbers

UK Geographic Numbers fall within the 01 and 02 number range.

Based on the volume of numbers used per month, the pricing model is simple and covers all UK geographic areas. XINIX can also provide numbers that cover the Republic of Ireland. The billing model for the Republic of Ireland is again based on volume of numbers used on a monthly basis.

Clients wishing to have numbers terminated on their own equipment can have the number delivered to SIP end points.

Non-Geographic Numbers

XINIX also provides non-geographic numbers in the form of freephone (0800 and 0808) numbers. With these numbers, your organisation pays for the call on a per second basis, meaning they are free to the caller.

We also supply number translation (084x and 087x) numbers. Primarily used as business contact numbers, these can be specified as the destination for geographic numbers or can be directly terminated SIP based numbers.

Finally, New Voice Service (056) numbers are available and have been allocated by Ofcom for use with ‘New Voice Services’.

Business Hosted VoIP

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Xinix offers a real alternative to traditional fixed line telephony at a fraction of the cost.

Call Builders

Number of Hosted Seats 1 3 5 10
Monthly Fee £10.00 £49.99 £69.99 £99.00
Free International Minutes 1000 1000 1000 1000
Business Broadband
Business Phone Line
Fax to Email
Free Set up

Small Business VoIP Packages

Package Name Whats Included Monthly Cost
VX-Solo 1x VoIP user, over 40 free VoIP features, Voicemail via email, hunt groups, music on hold, IVR, Call queuing, call forwarding and much more, please see list below. £6.00
VX-SoHo 1x VoIP user, unlimited UK calls (01 & 02), 300 minutes to 0845, 0870 and UK mobiles, Fax2Email, free set up. Save £69/month £19.99

VoIP Call Packages

Tariff Name Inclusive Monthly Cost
X-500 FREE 600 – UK calls to 01, 02, 03, 0845 & 0870 numbers. £4.99
X-UNLIMITED Unlimited calls to 01, 02 & 03 numbers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. £6.99
X-INTERNATIONAL 1000 1000 free call minutes to our top rated international landlines including UK, USA, Canada, China, Honk Kong and Singapore £9.99

Business Mobile Call Packages

Tariff Name Free Minutes Monthly Cost
Mobile XM300 300 UK mobile (Vodafone, O2, EE and Three) minutes for just 6p a minute £18.00
Mobile XM500 500 UK mobile (Vodafone, O2, EE and Three) minutes for just 5.5p a minute £27.50
Mobile XM1000 1000 UK mobile (Vodafone, O2, EE and Three) minutes for just 5p a minute £50.00

VoIP Features Included

Voicemail to email
Message waiting indication (MWI)
Music on hold
Call transfer
Call hold
Extension dialing
Call forwarding/always busy
IVR/auto attendant
Caller ID
Call ID block
Call log
Call logs
Call waiting
Call park
Call monitoring
Complex call Routing
Follow Me
Click to dial
Online contact directory
Active calls
Call divert
Call screening
Call blocking
3 Way conference calls
Do not disturb
Follow me
Call pickup
Area codes
Free calls to XINIX networks
Web interface
Directory services
Soft phone support
Voicemail greeting options
Day night mode schedule
Dial-by-name directory
Virtual departments
Mobile integration
Outbound number blocking
Inbound number blocking
Number setup
Multiple virtual receptionist
Call queing
Call recording

Please note: All prices are exclusive of VAT. Offer for a limited period only and subject to availability and change – please see our terms and conditions at for details. If the contract is terminated within the minimum term charges may apply as stated in the standard terms and conditions. If you take any of our bundled minutes offer, separate terms and conditions apply which can be found on the website. If you use all of your free minute allocation, extra call costs will fall under the Xinix business capped call plan rates. Also, calls to non-geographic and other international destinations not listed are charged at Xinix Call Plan rate. Call minutes within our plans are charged on a per-minute basis. Unlimited UK calls (01, 02 & 03) are capped at 3000 minutes per line. Capped calls attract set up charge of 10p for mobiles and 6p for local and national. Minutes included in pland cannot be carried over. All plans are subject to a 12 months contract. A £10 delivery charge is applied when ordering any hardware including routers and phones. This service supports both SIP and IAX VoIP protocols. Only one call package per Xinix account. Calls to the UK network 3 are not included within these call packages. Mobiles and non-geographic destinations. Call rates are subject to change without prior notice. Please follow our Twitter Feed for the latest changes. Terms and condition apply.