Why choose XINIX as your energy broker?

XINIX World has comprehensive understanding of commercial electricity and gas industry. Our experience and continuous monitoring of market rates makes it easier to assist our clients make knowledgeable purchasing decision, we are amongst the top and longest running business energy brokers in the UK.

We at XINIX provide a free and no-obligation price assessment. We work closely with all leading UK energy suppliers to provide you with exceedingly reasonable rates without affecting the quality of service we provide. We make sure that we do all the necessary and important works on your behalf.

We provide continuing support and contract management for all our clients. We make sure that we inform and remind our clients ahead of time about their contract renewal dates. They also have the freehand to take advantage and benefit from new offers and make sure they don’t fall for automatic rollovers.

We also offer flexible energy purchases. We assist clients establish and manage flexible rate energy procurement. This gives our clients the freedom to adjust their purchase to meet their energy requirement without added costs.

We are an independent energy consultancy. We make sure that we work independent from our 11+ energy partners to make sure that we better provide you with impartial and unbiased services.

We have highly trained and skilled professional staff with several years of extensive experience in the utilities industry. XINIX staffs have the required experience to help you get the greatest deal possible.
We provide energy efficiency services to help all types of businesses. We make sure that we guide our clients through the gradual reduction on their commercial energy consumption to reduce their costs.

XINIX is proud with our commitment to provide and deliver only the finest customer care.

We also offer group purchasing for clients who have more than one property. We can prepare multi-site contracts to make things easier and lessen costs.

Free and Honest Price Assessment

As a leading commercial energy specialist, we have the passion to help our clients get the best deal for their businesses, XINIX designed inclusive, free and honest energy price evaluation services.

We offer:

A comprehensive free assessment services.
Up to 40 percent average saving compare to direct renewal estimates
Honest and impartial advice.

Thorough market information to help you choose the best rate at the ideal time.

A committed account manager to make sure that you have a smooth transition with your preferred contract.